What is it?

The 9 layers of the emotional body were established after many years of energy work. The physical locations shown below are used to tap into the emotions suppressed in the hidden memory. This type of processing is necessary for balancing the energy. Energy Restructure releases information stored at the core level.

1. Distraction: What is in the way of your dream?
2. Resistance: What is holding you back?
3. Completion: Incomplete areas of our life
4. Withholding: Not participating fully in life
5. Love: Represents all issues about love
6. Nurturing: Nurturing yourself
7. Freedom: Releases the imprisonment of self
8. Protection: Are you over protected causing frustration?
9. Truth: Only the truth will set you free

You begin your session by stating your intentions and then Jolly gently guides you to an altered state of relaxation where you rapidly and painlessly release all unwanted feelings and blockages.

Our body holds memories of all our injuries, illnesses and traumas experienced since birth. These memories remain stuck in the body at a cellular level until released through the breath.

With an adjustment of this nature, you are relieved from stress, physical pain, low energy, anxiety, anger,  sadness and so on.

Emotional clearing of each of the Nine Layers will produce clarity and create vibrational realignment in the body.

What are the benefits?

Energy Restructure produces greater awareness, clarity, and acceptance of one's self. These in turn will result in:

  • Calming anxiety
  • Taking the right action
  • Removal of deep-seated fears and insecurities
  • Achieving greater happiness and health
  • Improving our relationships with family, work, environment, and most fundamentally with ourselves.

If you are having difficulty being productive, making decisions or finding love, Energy Restructure will remove the blocks that keep you from living your dreams. (See Testimonials)

Energy Restructure Phone Sessions: $90.00 an hour
Personal visits can be arranged by appointment

(90 minutes)


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